Another interview from Intelligent Triathlon, this time with current British Triathlon Head Coach Ben Bright. Ben was is Olympian himself from Sydney 2000, and had a successful career as an athlete before moving to coaching in Hong Kong then British Triathlon. This interview focuses on his view on coaching:

"The art is getting to know the person and their personality and what approach you need to take to suit them. The science you use must match the art you need for that person or, in that situation, squad.

The science is in many ways the easy bit because if you follow sound basic training principles you will get improvement.

Many people want to take the short cuts and what you find with the best coaches is that they do the basics right and then when they have those basics right they then add the 1-2% bits on the top that can make the difference at the top level.

A lot of coaches try to do it the other way around and it doesn’t work."


AuthorJoel Filliol