Article from on Olympic 4th Place Finishers featuring Sarah Groff:

While many athletes struggle with motivation after the emotional and physical build-up to the Olympic Games, those who finished tantalizingly close to the podium often replay “what-if” scenarios in their heads. Groff knew that she had put it all out there in London. But the race and Olympic experience flattened her, and she struggled in the final World Triathlon Series races of the 2012 season, finishing seventh in one and ninth in the final.

“I don’t think I’m going to forget it ever,” Groff said recently. “I would say it took me until the summer of 2013 to really regain momentum.”

Groff finally made the podium in London — in a WTS race in May 2014 — and despite a minor foot injury in June, is having a good build toward Rio.

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AuthorJoel Filliol