Chris Gallagher has a great article on on what high performance is really about and what it's not. The article is filled with gems, here are a few that resonated with me:

High performance is about much more than the name and facilities and equipment. It is not merely about capturing data

What, then, is a real high-performance environment? To me, it consists of three simple, yet major facets: people, philosophies, and culture.

People are, or should be, your greatest commodity, your greatest resource in a high-performance environment. Talented, driven, inquisitive and ambitious people are essential

Many coaches have a very large toolbox but cannot decide what to do because they don’t have a philosophy. – Dan Pfaff

“Good coaches are better able to learn from history—because they have a philosophy,” he says, and adds that “a philosophy protects from the comings and goings of the various trends that permeate the profession. Good coaches maintain a core set of principles—and are far less influenced by the current trends of the day.”

For a sports team littered with superstars, there is a humility, dedication to hard work and doing what needs to be done. “Ego has to be left at the door; there is a rigidly enforced ‘no d—head policy’ in the squad

Read the full article here for a number of other good points. 

AuthorJoel Filliol

Adam Meakins' site The Sports Physio has an outstanding article on what is really required from physiotherapists working in sport, "So you want to be a Sports Physio" written by by Gary Anderson (@CoachGA), the Performance Director for the Great British Bobsleigh Team and Olympic Team Leader 2014.

 “Shit happens, life is not fair and the goalposts do move”

Gary lists his his criteria for selecting his support teams, as well as his performance philosophy.

A few highlights:

  • Contribute to team climate 
  • No opinions in public 
  • Accept uncomfortable environment
  • Never an easy day 
  • Not about athletes being happy 

The article is well worth a read for all coaches, and applies equally to anyone within your team. 

"Do not forget the human interaction – effective communication overrides every element of technology or procedure that you have in your armoury. In my experience the body has a very clever way of righting itself in time, you are just trying to accelerate that natural process. Show that you care, show that you have the best performance interest at the for-front of what you do, thst is very powerful for an athlete."