Vern Gambetta has a post on his Functional Path Training blog with some lessons and reflections from 2013, a couple of which I have highlighted below, which resonated with me:

"Every year that passes just keeps reaffirming that everything that is old is new again."

"Just because something did not work in the past does not mean it won’t work now - different time, different people, different place and different circumstances."

"Master the basics and never abandon the basics. Everything is built on basics."

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AuthorJoel Filliol

An article from with a number of coaching reflections applicable to any coach: 

Mistake #1: Knowing it all.

Mistake #3: Not visiting other coaches

Mistake #11: Copying any programs

Mistake #18: Not taking enough vacation time

Mistake #25: Reading an article like this and thinking it doesn’t apply to you

Look past the strength specific comments, it's worth a read. Many strength & conditioning coaches seem to be prolific writers, perhaps in efforts to differentiate themselves from other coaches, however there is a lot of good coaching material from this field. 


AuthorJoel Filliol