Craig Payne's Running Research Junkie site has a good article that cuts through the BS on running injuries, and the various ways coaches attempt to avoid injuries. The article touches on several variables: the training programme, foot biomechanics, stretching, strengthening, running shoes, and running form, looking at evidence in each area to reach the following conclusion: 

"You can not decrease the load in one tissue with changes in running technique, running shoes, strengthening or foot orthotics or any other approach without increasing it in another tissue."

"It all boils down to: load management."

Essentially, all tissues have load limits, these can be managed, and loads shifted between areas, however ultimately simplest way to manage these loads is the external load of the training programme. Some athletes have lower load limits before injuries occur than others, and our job as coaches is to progressively increase the load limits in our athletes with minimal injuries due to exceeding these limits. 

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AuthorJoel Filliol