Elite Coaching

Elite athletes can benefit from Joel's extraordinary depth and breadth of experience with many of the worlds fastest triathletes working either remotely, on a consulting basis or in a squad environment.

Joel's primary coaching project is his world leading multi-national squad including 2x World Champion Mario Mola from Spain,  and WTS World Medallist Katie Zaferes, ITU Grand Final winner Vincent Luis, Commonwealth Games Medallist Jake Birtwhistle, and more.

From behind the scenes knowledge of how many of the best ITU, Olympic and Ironman stars prepare to win, such as the Brownlee brothers, Helen Jenkins, Tim Don, and the athletes from the dominant British Triathlon team, to personally coaching double Olympic medallist Simon Whitifield the four years leading into his historic second Olympic Medal, a silver in Beijing 2008, there is no coach that has more experience preparing athletes for world class performances.


Coaching Record Highlights

Olympic Games
•    Silver Medalist – Beijing 2008: Simon Whitfield (CAN) 

ITU World Championships Medals

  • Gold Medallist 2016, 2017, 2018 - Mario Mola (ESP)

  • Silver Medalist: 2018 - Vincent Luis (FRA), 2018 - Katie Zaferes (USA) 2014, 2015 – Mario Mola (ESP), 2014 - Sarah True (Groff) (USA)

  • Bronze Medalist: 2018 Jake Birtwhistle, 2013 - Mario Mola (ESP), 2015 - Sarah True (Groff) (USA), 2017 Katie Zaferes (USA)

  • Gold Medalist: 2006 – Kirsten Sweetland (CAN) Junior Women

  • ITU World Triathlon Series Medals

  • 70 WTS Medals since 2013 (Mola (ESP), Murray (RSA), Zaferes (USA), True (USA), Silva (POR), Birtwhistle (AUS)

JFTcrew is Joel Filliol's international professional triathlon squad. 

The team works together in training camp environments, following the sun and international competition calendar. 

The team's focus is providing a world leading preparation and support environment for athletes to express their sporting potential. Our athletes race the ITU World Triathlon Series, Olympic games, and non-draft from standard distance to Ironman. 

More on how the squad works - From a recent interview with Head Coach Joel:

How would you describe your training environment?

One where independent athletes are surrounded by like-minded, and committed athletes and staff, making it easy to do the work necessary to progress toward world class performances. 

How do athletes join your group? Do they come to you? Do you seek out athletes?

A combination of referrals from current athletes, inquires from prospective new athletes, and in specific cases we contact those who might be a good fit and could contribute to the group. 

What are the key criteria you look for in a triathlete. Do you feel you can predict which athletes will be more successful and if so, what common characteristics do they exhibit, or is there no common formula?

Primarily it’s about attitude: driven to maximising preparation and performance, resilient to setbacks, able to be both completely committed to achieving success, able to have appropriate perspective, and finally enjoys the process of preparation and loves competition. 

If you could summarise your group in less than 5 words, what would you say?

Surrounded by commitment, success is inevitable.