"So how would be likely go in a triathlon? Chances are he will be successful. It will be fascinating watching his progress and development into this new sport…maybe he should have made the decision 4 years ago!"

First off the Bike has an article with an unconfirmed rumour that Australian runner Craig Mottram may switch over to triathlon from athletics. Mottram ran the 5000m in both the London and Beijing Games. The last couple years Mottram has suffered from some injuries and for a time was doing some training with the VIS triathlon squad and coach Jono Hall. He was at the WTS London race in 2010, and there were some rumours he may swtich then, however he kept running through to London. 

As the originator of the British Triathlon "TriGold" talent transfer programme I'm a supporter of runners coming across to triathlon, and with the multisport background that Mottram has, if he commits to the sport for 2 years he has the potential to make a real impact. 


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AuthorJoel Filliol