"the future will never remember what was in your bank account, or what kind of car you drove. The future will remember that wild ride of life where you believed in others and left a gift behind for someone else to dream the impossibe." 

A great video shared by Jordan Rapp. Prof Noakes new book is also a great read. 

A few selected quotes from the video:

"what we really need in life is a coach who will give us the self belief to do the extraordinary"

"faster, it's only pain"

"the art of sport - you have to have both the arrogance and the humility" 

"my job was to convince him he was beyond extraordinary" 

"hopefully you have a mentor like Bowerman who pushes you at a critical time. A time when someone has a belief in your future more than you do"

"your legacy is the belief you generate in the students you teach, it is your ultimate responsibility" 


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AuthorJoel Filliol