But he admits that Pfaff is likely to move back to his home in Austin, Texas, after his contract expires in December, so he will follow him to the United States.

The 26 year-old said: “He’s had a bit of a hard time in the UK.

"I don’t think people were prepared to listen to what he had to say and it was down to some of the athletes to approach him rather than coaches and staff, which has been tough for Dan.

“He’s had a fantastic career so far and he’s coached some great athletes and he’s been doing so well with us.

“But when he came over to Britain people just didn’t want to take it on board. I think because of that, he’s missing being at home in America

From an article in the Telegraph on American coach Dan Pfaff, who has been working for UK Athletics since 2009.

AuthorJoel Filliol