A post on coaches learning on a site about elite coach education, from Henk Kraaijenhof's site Helping the Best Get Better

Asking the main question:

do coaches really learn from what we teach them. In other words: do they adapt their training programs, do they change or shift their point of view?

And more to challenge coaches to grow and evolve:

  • but do you also bring out the best of yourself or could you do better?

  • are your athletes better than you despite of  you?

  • are your athletes of international level but are you thinking and operating at regional or national level?

  • when did you stop learning or improving yourself, because you already know it all and reached the end  of the line?

  • how often do you spend time reading a book about your job, instead of skimming the surface of a subject on the Internet?

  • how about those 10.000 hours, did you make them already?

AuthorJoel Filliol