SkySports has an article on analytics in football "Future of analytics in football: Time to stop just collecting data and start making some decisions" following on a Sports Analytics Innovation Summit . 'Big data' is a trend in the technology industry, and also in sport, brought into the popular consciousness by the baseball book "Money Ball". 

"It’s easy to collect data and feel like we’ve arrived."

While big money professional sports have taken to employing analysts to make sense of the data that is being collected, most coaches don't have access to that type of resource. With the increase in data available for coaches from new technology such as GPS, power meters, we can lose sight of what is important: using the data to make better decisions. Paralysis by analysis is a real problem for coaches, as well as increasing complexification of sport, using up bandwidth which might obscure a coaches' big picture thinking. 

“Data is worthless. Only decisions have value.”

AuthorJoel Filliol