Jasper Blake has a fantastic story to tell about his sporting life  - his 'retirement blog' is great read, and the closing paragraph contains this timeless wisdom:

If I could pass on anything to the next generation it’s this:

No matter how good you get or how good you think you are, remember that you are never entitled to anything and the sport owes you nothing.  You need to approach it as if you owe the sport everything.  Never underestimate how much work you will do and how much you will have to give of yourself to get good.  If you want to win you have to earn that rite every single year, every single month, every single week, every single day, every single workout.  But don’t look at it as a sacrifice; consider it a gift that you have the opportunity to go down that road.

Win or lose, it’s an awesome road to be on!

Jasper is now coaching at B78

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AuthorJoel Filliol