"Galen won a few races last year, but he lost most of them. He still feels he has unfinished business. He can get better. He's very, very hungry. He's even more motivated than last year. At this level you can't rest on your laurels. Too many other people are working hard. They aren't just going to give it to you."
"I think Galen realizes how close he is right now. Every little thing matters. Every little bit of rest. Galen always has been disciplined, but right now he is leading a very Spartan life. Well, he's living in a nice house. But all he does is run, rest and spend time with his wife. He's either training or recovering 24 hours a day. In everything he does I've noticed an increased intensity and discipline."
From OregonLive.com via Letsrun.com Quote of the Day.



AuthorJoel Filliol