The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games may change to a sprint format combined with a mixed team relay: we discuss the background, history, racing and training implications. Lab testing season for triathletes is here, and we break down this trend, and why this doesn't move athletes performance forward. The marginalization of coaches, over-promising and under-delivering of sport science. Decision making and why this is the key to real coaching effectiveness. We address questions on high load training camps, what to do about illness, elite vs age group training, HIIT blocks, marginal gains, and nutrition questions from fasted training, supplements, protein and recovery drinks.

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Notes from Episode 16:

Triathlon in the Olympics: the next step

Sprint distance in Tokyo 2020

Triathlon in the Olympics: the next step

Coaches in UK have been marginalised in funded sports. Medics/science leads and takes no accountability if it fails

Wayne Goldsmith: Coach Education

What’s the secret of the world’s best-paid sports manager? Ask the Chicago Cubs

Block periodization of high-intensity aerobic intervals provides superior training effects in trained cyclists.

AuthorJoel Filliol