Training needs in terms of importance are discussed, from total frequency and volume of training, to high intensity, to training distribution, to periodisation and tapering. We discuss Vicky Holland's interview, comparing and contrasting her training with Darren Smith and the Leeds Triathlon centre, the polarized approach, historical trends of planning and intensity distribution. Follow up questions are addressed including running economy, drills, and tips, run analytics, maintaining endurance fitness between events, structuring a season for both early season and late season races, and whether training gear can affect injuries. The Island House and final ITU World Cups are discussed along with development pathways.

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Notes from Episode 15:

Seiler's Hierarchy of Training Needs

Cup Of Tri Triathlon Podcast #96: Vicky Holland

What new sport science "technology" are you currently exchanted by?  Where is it on this curve?


AuthorJoel Filliol